Everything is Connected.

April 9, 2010

The world is getting smaller. With every hit of return we’re brought closer together. Coincidences have simply become occurrences.

Sat in a bar in Austin I met a friend of Brooklyn’s Sensual Harassment. I recognised the name and we started talking. Then I flew back to the UK. Several days later I read Big Stereo, then Pasta Primavera, and now the Sensual guys have been nice enough to let me blog one of their tracks.

A mix of floating synth hallelujahs and almost painfully paced backbone beats their track Soldier is like Free Energy whispering what the new MGMT should have sounded like if they’d listened to The Human League instead of their egos.

Sensual Harassment on twitter.


  • http://journalofplastik.com Marc Thomas

    My my, they can harass my senses any time.

    Thanks for posting,

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